Media Designer

UX/UI Design, Graphic Design and Photography

Recent work

My timeline

2007 Got my first computer 2017 Started at the Nederlandse Fotovakschool 2022 Started working as Atsby Visuals Started working at Kynoweb 2016 Planned graduation Media Vormgeven at Media College Amsterdam 2023 Graduated from the Nederlandse Fotovakschool Started Media Vormgeven at Media College Amsterdam 2020

Workfield and interests

Graphic design

Looking back, when Microsoft Paint was still a hype, I’ve been designing… Later while I was doing my photography studies this interest bloomed once again.


I grew up with my mom and grandparents making photo’s on vacations, so I naturally grew an interest. This came to be my profession when doing dog shows.


I’ve always had in interest in development but only the last couple of years I actually started learning and developing stuff. I got lost to learn still!

Krav maga

As for my hobbies, I’m an active person and like to work out. I’m doing krav maga for over 3 years now.

Let’s chat!

I’m open for freelance work, so please send me a message if you’re looking for a designer to add to the team!

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