De Fryske Hounen

For the dutch magazine ‘de Fryske Hounen’ I do the editorial work. I collect all the content, place it so that it fits and looks nice to read.





Editorial designer

Editoral DESIGN

I started in 2021 with a whole new setup, the only remaining design pieces were the colors and the cover font. Everything als I changed to a newer fresher look and feel.

Beginning of 2022 I did a complete restyle of the magazine to give it a fresher look and feel. A lot of elements were changed, such as the colors and the way the magazine makes use of columns. I try to make the texts more readable with the use of color blocks and quotes. The people who I make the magazine with are not found of a very stylized product so we chose to fill up most of the pages with either text or photos. We also do this because more white space means we would need more pages and that would increase the cost of the magazine.

The work I do here is voluntary, its great for my experience and network. It’s a very dynamic team, so people come and go, this often happens with volunteers. So with my 2 years of making the magazine I’m now the longest one who works there.

De Fryske Hounen

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