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The aim of the project is to develop a concept, in a team of students from different studies, for a playful, interactive immersive space, inspired by the work of Peter Vink. We were asked to design an app that uses AR technology. As well as a promotional campaign to promote this interactive space. I was in charge of making the app and I took on the role of creative director.



Feb 2023


Creative director, UX/UI designer

Creative thought process

This school project is a joined collaboration between students from different studies, so we had to work together and think a little outside the box. Not only was an app made, but also a campaign and an interactive space was built. We presented ourselves as Ellipsis, a design company we had to establish as an other assignment.


The assignment we got is the following: “Make a concept for an interactive experience in a small room based on the artwork of your chosen artist.”


The artist we choose is named Peter Vink. He works with light to make spaces more interesting in a very minimalistic way.


The next step we took was researching this artist and making a mind map with all our ideas. And this is what we came up with:

The Staircase to nowhere is for young people between the ages of 16 and 25 who need an interactive, cultural experience. The ‘Staircase to Nowhere’ a combination of mystery and a challenge of your senses. With every step you take on the stairs something new happens, unlike most museums where you can only experience the art in a static way.

Main function

The visitor has the opportunity to obtain information about the space and the possibilities. They can already set interactive elements themselves and enter the names for multiplayer games prior to their time slot. The user can also use AR technology to make light drawings on one of the walls.

For who?

This project is a school assignment on behalve of the Upside Down Museum Amsterdam.

Project Staircase To Nowhere

Date 2023

Assignment for Media College Amsterdam – Upside Down Museum

interaction with the space

  • By linking the access card and the time slot, the room (and the app) knows which interaction to run.
  • Through the camera of the user’s phone, one can make drawings and click on the interaction of other elements in the room.
  • The app can also let you choose from your favorite songs from Spotify through a link.

All these elements are asked in a quiz when the app is run for the first time. This is because otherwise the user has too many choices and often experienced this as annoying. If the user wants to change settings they can in the settings of the app.

Now you try!

Try the prototype yourself here!

staircase to nowhere

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